$60 $116

A carefully crafted waste free razor made to last with quality sustainable materials. It offers a single blade solution for a close shave with less irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin. 

Comes with a durable protective case and low cost replacement blades - you can say goodbye to the plastic rubbish forever!

When shaving with a safety razor, there are some technique tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep the angle of the blade at about 30 degrees relative to your skin. As it doesn’t have a pivoting head, simply control the angle of the blade.
  2. Keep the strokes short and smooth, with a rinse in-between to prevent too much build up on the blade. 
  3. Do not apply any downward pressure. The razor is weighted to allow the perfect glide against your skin on its own. 
  4. We highly recommend a exfoliation prior to shaving along with a quality shaving oil or crème to act as a barrier while shaving. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin afterwards for the perfect finish!

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