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    Leonelle was established in 2017 with a desire to create timeless, luxury bikinis that last. Utilising only the highest quality fabrics made from 100% regenerated fibres (fishing nets left drifting in our oceans + plastics from post consumer materials). We are helping to clean our oceans, one bikini at a time. Not only is our products sustainable, Leonelle is a slow fashion brand. Meaning our collections are made in small batches and new products are introduced at a much slower pace. This is kinder to the environment and to the people who make them. Our bikinis are smooth, soft and will keep you looking and feeling your best all year round. They are made for comfort because when you feel comfortable, you feel confident and there is nothing sexier than that! 

    Words from the designer 

    ‘I want girls to look at my brand and feel inspired and confident, not body shame themselves. I have heard the phrase ‘I’m not bikini ready’ so many times and that is what gave me the push to begin Leonelle.  

    Leonelle means lioness and my goal is to empower women to embrace their bodies and encourage self-acceptance. Leonelle is here to supply you with swimwear that’s look good, is comfortable, and will last. I’m all about providing quality products that are affordable and accessible to everyone. Not to mention all the fabric is sustainable - so that’s a win win situation. Great for my customers and the environment.‘

    Britnee Rees - Owner | Designer