Leonelle was born in my lounge room at the age of 23. It is inspired by nature and long summer days spent by the sea. I have always had a deep appreciation for Mother Nature and had hopes of creating a positive impact on others and our environment. 

After building a sustainable swimwear brand for 3.5 years, I realised that making bikinis wasn’t my purpose. I was proud of the brand that I have built but longed for something I truly felt connected to. I took some time off in 2020 to reflect and realign myself with what is important to me. I am super passionate about slow living and helping others live mindfully. This realisation led to my last swimwear campaign ‘Leonelle moments’, which was about cherishing the little things, the little moments and finding joy in every day. Not long after, my new direction became clear. 

Leonelle will soon offer a range of thoughtfully selected pieces to inspire a slower lifestyle. From conscious fashion, unique homewares and artisan crafted treasures. A community made for those who appreciate the importance of slowing down. I look forward to welcoming you to the Leonelle lifestyle. Take it easy beautiful souls.