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    Leonelle moments campaign

    Leonelle moments campaign

    I believe in the importance of living mindfully and fully embracing our surroundings. We don’t have to be chasing extravagant things to find happiness, it is within us and all around us. Our latest campaign was about cherishing the little things, the little moments and finding joy in every day. 

    This campaign was something special, it was our first ever user generated campaign. All the content (photos and videos) were thoughtfully  created by everyday women around Australia and America. 

    Each participant decided on a moment that they personally connected with. Here are just some of their beautiful moments:

    “For me, the ocean has always been a place where I feel happiest. I’ve grown up next to the beautiful blue bay and have spent countless hours paddling towards the horizon, swimming in the cool waters and floating on the tides. There is nothing quite as magical as diving below the surface and experiencing that overwhelming sense of calm and serenity. It’s what draws me back to the ocean over and over again” - Sophia Mulheran Instagram: @sophiamulheran


    "There’s nothing like feeling comfortable in your own skin! Be happy with who you are and happiness will follow” - Rebecca Peters Instagram: @becpeters94

    “I was so obsessed with the concept idea of this campaign. The ocean is my happy place and I love taking photos in the beautiful afternoon light” - Gelaene Moreland Instagram: @shessimplywell

    Picnics on the dunes - Anna Rodriguez Instagram: @ana.222


    Instagram: @melodie.shakespear  

    Instagram: @bethmanners_

    Instagram: @teagankayee

    Instagram: @erinosullivannn

    Instagram: @prisciliagoh

    Instagram: @maddisoncate 

    Instagram: @chloecant

    Instagram: @lifewithbee__

    Run toward life fulsomely, freely and never stop embracing beautiful moments. Show us your Leonelle moment by using the hashtag #leonellemoments or simply by tagging @leonellethelabel in your photos. 

    Meet the owner, Britnee Rees

    Meet the owner, Britnee Rees
    Her love affair with nature and all things beachy inspired her to create her dream brand, at just 23 years of age. She knew that a change was needed in the fashion industry, which led her to take a sustainable approach to business.

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